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Providing Oil, Gas, And Energy Transition Consulting Services

Goodson Energy Advisors, led by Sally Goodson.

Welcome to Goodson Energy Advisors, led by Sally Goodson.

Goodson Energy Advisors (GEA) specializes in delivering expert guidance on policy, regulation and standards tailored to meet the unique needs of both traditional oil and gas companies and those navigating the dynamic landscape of the Energy Transition. With a commitment to excellence, GEA empowers businesses to thrive within evolving regulatory frameworks and embrace sustainable practices for a resilient future.

At GEA, we help oil and gas companies choose how to operate efficiently as the world transitions to a low-carbon future.

Providing Power Solutions Consulting Services

Oil Rig

Why Choose GEA?

Sally Goodson is passionate about the prospects of the current oil and gas industry as well as the Energy Transition. She has over 36 years experience in the oil and gas industry, working on offshore oil and gas facilities and The American Petroleum Institute (API) certification programs and standards. Through these experiences, she has gained extensive knowledge in upstream and midstream oil and gas facilities, policy, and related standards and regulations. 

Sally has worked with oil and gas professionals, from roustabouts to
engineers and policy advocates both domestically and internationally
throughout her career. Her experiences and knowledge make her uniquely qualified to advise your organization on current oil and gas practices as well as issues the industry faces in the Energy Transition.

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